66 Soal & Jawaban Sumatif B. Inggris Kelas 7 Kurikulum Merdeka Semester 1

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Halo sahabat kherysuryawan, berhubung tidak lama lagi setiap sekolah akan melaksanakan Ulangan Sumatif Akhir Semester (SAS), maka melalui artikel ini admin ingin berbagi soal-soal sumatif untuk mata pelajaran bahasa inggris kelas 7 SMP semester 1 kurikulum merdeka agar bisa menjadi bahan belajar yang bermanfaat bagi para peserta didik.


Nah, berbicara mengenai Ulangan Sumatif Akhir Semester (SAS) maka pada kesempatan ini admin kherysuryawan akan mencoba untuk berbagi kumpulan soal-soal latihan untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 Semester 1 kurikulum merdeka.


Melalui artikel ini admin akan menyajikan beberapa soal latihan yang dapat digunakan oleh para siswa sebagai bahan belajar dan juga sebagai bahan latihan dalam mempersiapkan diri menghadapi ujian atau Ulangan Sumatif Akhir Semester (SAS). Adapun soal latihan yang akan admin berikan diisni ialah soal sumatif mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 kurikulum merdeka.


Soal-soal yang akan di sajikan disini telah di sesuaikan dengan materi yang akan di pelajari pada mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris di Kelas 7 SMP semester 1 kurikulum merdeka. Selain itu seluruh soal yang akan disajikan disini telah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawabannya sehingga akan lebih memudahkan bagi siswa maupun bagi guru yang akan menggunakannya sebagai referensi dalam belajar.


Meskipun disetiap soal telah dilengkapi dengan kunci jawabannya, namun sebagai manusia biasa maka pastinya ada saja kunci jawaban yang mungkin masih kurang tepat sehingga dimohon kepada para pembaca dan pengguna agar kiranya bisa melakukan perbaikan atau koreksi jika terdapat kunci jawaban yang dianggap kurang tepat sehingga apa yang telah di pelajari bisa menjadi lebih bermanfaat.


Selain admin menyajikan kumpulan soal dan jawaban sumatif untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP semester 1 kurikulum merdeka, maka disini admin kherysuryawan juga akan menyiapkan file yang berisi soal-soal tersebut sehingga bagi siapapun yang akan memilikinya dapat dengan mudah menggunakannya dan memilikinya.


Baiklah di bawah ini sajian kumpulan soal dan kunci jawaban sumatif Bahasa Inggris Kelas 7 SMP semester 1 kurikulum merdeka :



1. Rudi: I’m Rudi ...

Ani: My name is Ani.

A. Nice to meet you
B. What’s your name?
C. See you later
D. Thank you

Answer: B

2. Arrange the following sentences into a good dialogue.

1) Hello, Dewi!
2) Hello, Mr. Hartawan. Nice to meet you.
3) His name’s Hartawan.
4) Nice to meet you, Riska.
5) Hi, Riska.
6) Riska, this is my father.

A. 5–1–4–3–2–6
B. 5–1–3–6–2–4
C. 5–1–6–3–2–4
D. 5–1–2–3–6-4

Answer: C

Questions 3 and 4

George: Who are they, Garry?
Garry: They are Mr. Bob and Mr. Joe. They are American football players.
Mr. Bob is small and short. Mr. Joe is ...(3)…
George: I’ll talk with them ...(4)..., Garry.
Garry: Bye.


A. big and tall
B. big and short
C. small and tall
D. small and short

Answer: A


A. Hello
B. Thanks
C. Good morning
D. Goodbye

Answer: D

5. Arini: What time do you get up everyday?

Sinta: I usually … at 5 o’clock.

A. got up
B. get up
C. gets up
D. have got up

Answer: B

6. Adiba : Hurry up, sir. We must arrive at the ..... soon. My flight is at 5 p.m.

Taxi Driver : Alright, ma’am.

A. Airport
B. Harbor
C. Bus Station
D. Train Station

Answer: A

7. Wionna : How many students are there in the bus?
Toni : ..... Thirty students.

A. There are
B. Are there
C. This is
D. Is this

Answer: A

8. Let’s go to the ..... I want to borrow new novels.

A. Museum
B. Cinema
C. Library
D. Bank

Answer: C

9. You meet a friend on the way to school. What do you say?

A. Good morning
B. Good evening
C. Good night
D. Good bye

Answer: A

10. Lucy : “Is your name Wulan?”
Mulan : “No, I’m Mulan.”

Lucy : “Oh, ……………… .”

A. I'm sorry
B. No problem
C. Thank you
D. Don't mention it.

Answer: A

11. When we meet somebody at 5 p.m. we greet him ...

a. Good morning
b. Good afternoon
c. Good evening
d. Good night

Answer: B

Read the text below to answer questions no. 12

Hello, my name is Ara. I ... (12) thirteen years old. My hobby... playing badminton. My favorite food is steak.

12. What is the suitable word to complete the sentences?

a. You
b. Are
c. Am
d. To be

Answer : C

13. Am – I – not – feeling – today – well

The correct order of the words above is...

a. I not am feeling well today
b. Am i not feeling today well
c. I am not feeling well today

Answer: C

14. The correct order of the words above is...

a. I not am feeling well today
b. Am i not feeling today well
c. I am not feeling well today
d. I am not well feeling today

Answer: C

15. Two days before Wednesday is ...

A. Sunday
B. Monday
C. Tuesday
D. Wednesday

Answer: B

16. Ruly : Hello, I am Ruly. … ?
Adi : Hello. My name is Adi. Pleased to meet you.
Ruly : Pleased to meet you too, Adi.

A. What is the matter with you
B. What is your name
C. How are you
D. Are you a new student

Answer: B

17. Adi: That’s a nice pet bird!

Anton: …. I just got it at a pet shop.

A. sorry
B. oh, thanks
C. see you later
D. you’re welcome

Answer: B

Questions 18 – 20

Our school has a library. It is between the school office and the laboratory. Our librarian is Mr. Pranata.

Mr. Pranata is in his office. It is in the library. He is sitting behind his desk. He is numbering the new books. He is a busy and hard working librarian.

Our school library opens everyday but Sunday. It starts at 8 a.m. and stops at 2 p.m. On Friday, it closes earlier, usually at 11 o’clock.

There are some students in the library now. Some are looking for books. The others are reading magazines, newspapers or books.

18. What is Mr. Pranata?

A. a laboratory assistant
B. a teacher
C. a headmaster
D. a librarian

Answer: D

19. Activities in the library is the topic of paragraph ....

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. 1

Answer: A

20. What time does the school library begin?

A. 11 a.m.
B. 10 a.m.
C. 8 a.m.
D. 2 a.m.

Answer: C

21. Students 1: What’s the librarian carrying?

Students 2: He’s carrying …

A. novels
B. catalogues
C. member cards
D. dictionaries

Answer: D

This text below is for the questions 22-24

My Favorite Animal

My favorite animal is rabbit. Rabbit has two long ears. Its eyes are big and black, but when it is dark its eyes are red. It has two long teeth. Its nose is small and soft pink.

Its tail is soft, round and small like a cotton ball. Its legs are small. It doesn’t walk, it jumps. It is vegetarian and its favorite food are carrots. Rabbits are very cute.

22. How many ears does the rabbit have

A. Two ears
B. Four ears
C. Three ears
D. Five ears

Answer: A

23. Does it has short teeth?

A. Yes, it does
B. Yes, it doesn’t
C. No, it does
D. No, it doesn’t

Answer: D

24. What is the title of the text

A. Rabbits are very cute
B. My Favorite Animal
C. My Animal
D. Rabbit

Answer: B

25. This animal lives in the sea and has 8 tentacles. What animal is it?

A. Octopus
B. Zebra
C. Cat
d. Tiger

Answer: A

26. Lisna : Give me the chilli sauce, please.
Zul : ...

A. Here you are
B. Never mind
C. No, thanks
D. It is so nice

Answer: A

27. What is Mariana’s favorite subject on Tuesday?

A. English
B. History
C. Math
D. Art

Answer: A

28. “These are my friends at school.” The word 'my' refers to ...

A. the writer’s friend
B. Elizabeth
C. Mariana
D. Helen

Answer: C

29. Juan: Hi! Carlos. ….

Carlos: Fine, thanks!

A. How’s life?
B. Hello!
C. Morning!
D. Goodbye!

Answer: A

30. X: It’s getting dark. … the light, please!

Y: All right!

A. put off
B. get out
C. turn on
D. shut down

Answer: C

31. The best punctuation for this paragraph are ….

My name is Daniel. I am French. I live in a small town.

I work in a hotel but I do not live in the hotel I live with my parents My home is near the hotel so I walk to work every day.

A. , . . , .
B. , . , . .
C. , , . . .
D. , . . . ,

Answer: A

32. Male birds are usually more beautiful than female birds. The peacock is a good example.

The male peacock is one of the most beautiful birds in the world.

It is deep blue and green in color. Its long green tail feathers have eye spots.

Each spot is green, black, and gold. In contrast, the peahen, a female peacock, is smaller.

She is brown and green in color.

The text tells us about ...

A. bird
B. animal
C. peacock
D. female bird

Answer: C

33. Diana is stepping on someone’s foot in the bus.
Diana: ….
Someone: Yeah. It’s OK.

A. Hallo!
B. Thanks!
C. See you!
D. Oops, sorry

Answer: D

Question 34-35

My name is Regina. I am German. I live in a small town. I am not married. I …(34)… with mother and father, my sister Heidi and my brother Rudolf. I …(35) … in a department store.

I sell writing paper, envelopes, ballpoints, pencils and colored postcards.


A. go
B. live
C. look
D. take

Answer: B


A. leave
B. work
C. stay
D. take

Answer: B

36. Father: It’s getting hot in this room. Switch on …, please.

Daughter: Sure.

A. the fan
B. the light
C. the heater
D. the refrigerator

Answer: A

37. Bobby : Hi, Ace .....
Ace : Great! How about you?
Bobby : It’s good, thanks.

A. What are you doing?
B. Where have you been?
C. Glad to see you
D. How’s life?

Answer: D

38. It’s seven o’clock in the morning. Gina will go to school. She says ..... to his parents.

A. Good morning
B. Good afternoon
C. Good evening
D. Good night

Answer: A

39. Teacher : I think that’s all for today, any question?
Students : No Miss.
Teacher : Alright, then see you tomorrow class!

The underlined words expresses ...

A. Thanking
B. Apologizing
C. Leave Taking
D. Greeting

Answer: C

40. What will you say when you meet your teacher at school gate in the afternoon?

A. Good morning, sir!
B. Good afternoon, sir!
C. Good evening, sir!
D. Good luck, sir!

Answer: B

41. The following is what do you say to someone when you meet him/her at 9 p.m?

A. Good morning
B. Good afternoon
C. Good evening
D. Good night

Answer: C

42. Dion : “Hi, Jonny. How do you do?
Jonny : “Hello, Dion. How do you do?
Donny : “It’s nice to meet you.”
Jeremy : “———————-.”

A. Nice to meet you, too.
B. See you tomorrow
C. Yes, that's right.
D. Am I really nice?

Answer: A

43. What do you say when you make mistake?

A. I am really sorry
B. Thank you very much
C. See you later
D. Nice to meet you

Answer Jawaban: A

44. What is the suitable response of expression
“I am so sorry!”

A. Thanks
B. Nothing!
C. You are welcome
D. Never mind

Answer: D

45. What is the suitable response of expression “Thank so much!”

A. Never mind
B. Welcome home
C. You are welcome
D. It doesn't matter

Answer: C

The following text for number 46-47

ID Numbers : 18192122
Full Name : Nagita Cahyani
Place & date of birth : Jakarta, 4 August 2007
Address : Jl. Merpati 50 Jakarta
School : SMP Budi Bangsa

46. Where was Nagita born?

A. Jakarta
B. 4 August
C. 2007
D. Jl, Merpati 50

Answer: A

47. How old she is in 2019? She is ..... years old.

A. eleven
B. thirteen
C. twenty
D. twelve

Answer: D

Text for number 48-49!

I would like to introduce myself.
My name is Fatya Kartika.
My nick name is Fatya.
I am 10 years old. I am a student.
I am from Bogor.

48. The girl’s nick name is .....

A. Fatya
B. Kartika
C. Tya
D. Tika

Answer: A

49. Fatya is a ...

A. Teacher
B. Student
C. Nurse
D. Doctor

Answer: B

50. Rama : ..... do you live?
Andika : I live at Bojong Lopang rt 03 rw 001.

A. What
B. Whose
C. Why
D. Where

Answer: D

51. Mr. Handoyo : Anton, what’s wrong with you? You don’t see it well tomorrow
Anton : You’re right, sir ..... I think I’m cold.
Mr. Handoyo : You need to rest at home.

A. I'm fine
B. I'm doing fine
C. I feel uncomfortable
D. I do not feel bad

Answer: C

52. Ms. Rossy : Good afternoon, students.
Student : Good afternoon, madam.
Ms. Rossy : Well, I can’t teach you this afternoon. I have a meeting with client.
Student : It is okay. We will learn from ourselves, madam.

The underlined speech is an expression of ...

A. Leave taking
B. Thanking
C. Greeting
D. Apologizing

Answer: C

53. Ruly : Hello, I’m Ruly .....?
Adi : Hello. My name is Adi Nice to meet you.
Ruly : Nice to meet you too, Adi.

A. What is your name?
B. What is your adreess?
C. How are you?
D. How old are you?

Answer: A

54. Ferly : Romy, this is my sister Vivian.
Romy : .....?
Vivian : How do you do? I’ve heard a lot about you.

A. What is your name?
B. How do you do?
C. How old are you?
D. How are you?

Answer: B

55. Handy : What time does Heni have breakfast?
Ghania : ......

A. She usually has breakfast at 06. 00 p.m
B. She usually has breakfast in the afternoon.
C. She usually has breakfast at 06. 00 a.m.
D. She usually has breakfast at night

Answer: C

56. I go to school at ..... (quarter to seven)

A. 7:15
B. 7:25
C. 6:25
D. 6:45

Answer: D

57. Lukman : ...
Handy He goes to school at six o'clock.

A. When Aal goes to school?
B. When does Aal goes to school?
C. When do Aal go to school?
D. When does Aal go to the school?

Answer: D

58. Rkla : When does the Gangga Shop open?
Adit : ....

A. The Gangga Shop open at six-thirty.
B. The Gangga Shop opening at six-thirty.
C. The Gangga Shop opens at six-thirty
D. The Gangga Shop opened at six-thirty

Answer: C

59. The bus always comes at 08. 00 a.m. it means the bus always comes ...

A. in the morning
B. in the afternoon
C. in the evening
D. in the night

Answer: A

60. Seven plus three is ...

A. nine
B. ten
C. eleven
D. twelve

C. in the evening

Answer: B

Text for number 61-63!

Ghania’s Daily Activities

Ghania always gets up at four o’clock in the morning, then she takes a bath.

six o’clock she has breakfast. She goes to school at half past six.

Ghania goes home at half past twelve. She has lunch at one o’clock in the afternoon.

After school, she usually does her homework and then take a nap.

She takes a bath at four o’clock. She has dinner at seven o’clock in the evening.

She studies at half past seven at night. She prepares the book for tomorrow at nine o’clock at night. She prays before sleeping at half past nine.

61. What is the text about?

A. Ghania gets up at four o’clock in the morning.
B. Ghania’s activities.
C. Ghania has breakfast, lunch and dinner.
D. Ghania prays before sleep.

Answer: B

62. What time does Ghania study at home?

A. 07.30 a.m
B. 08.30 a.m
C. 07.30 p.m
D. 08.30 p.m

Answer: : C

63. What does Ghania do at nine o’clock?

A. She studies
B. She plays
C. She has dinner
D. She prepares the book.

Answer: D

64. Ghania : What time is it?

Nova : ..... (19.10)

A. It is ten past seven.
B. It is quarter past eight.
C. It is ten past nine.
D. It is quarter past ten.

Answer: A

65. How do you say 16.55 p.m.?

A. It is five past four in the afternoon.
B. It is five past four in the morning.
C. It is five to five in the afternoon.
D. It is five to five in the morning.

Answer: C

66. Mrs. Annisa is a teacher. She teaches the students in the ...

A. School yard
B. Teacher office
C. Classroom
D. Science Lab

Answer: C

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