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Pada pembelajaran di Chapter 3 Sports and Health materi Bahasa ingris kelas 10 SMA/SMK Semester 1 ini siswa akan mempelajari tentang materi olahraga dan kesehatan. Materi ini nantinya akan dipelajari di sekolah-sekolah jenjang SMA dan SMK yang telah menerapkan kurikulum merdeka.


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Admin membuat ringkasan/rangkuman materi Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA/SMK Bab 3 “Sports and Health” kurikulum merdeka ini yang mana seluruh materinya merupakan materi yang ada pada buku siswa Bahasa inggris kelas 10 jenjang SMA/SMK Kurikulum Merdeka.


Bagi anda yang ingin melihat sajian materi lengka Bahasa inggris kelas 10 bab 3 “Sports and Health” maka silahkan anda cek ringkasan materinya yang telah admin sediakan di bawah ini secara lengkap.


Chapter 3 Sports and Health

Instructional Objectives

After learning the materials in this chapter you are expected to be able to:

1.       identify context, main ideas and detailed information from an oral and verbal procedure text presented in multimodal form about sports and health.

2.       communicate simple ideas and opinions in various discussions, collaborative activities and presentations orally about sports and health.

3.       write a procedure text about sports and health with an appropriate structure of organization and linguistic features and present it.


A procedure text is a text that gives instructions for doing a particular activity. It can also serve to explain how something works. It aims to give instruction or to explain how something can be done. It uses imperative and consists of goal or purpose, may or may nor contain materials, and steps.


Questions to Think About

1. Why do you think you need to stay healthy?

2. Can you mention one creative way of staying healthy?


Task 1

A. Look and Answer

Look at the pictures then answer the questions

1. Which activities can make you stay healthy? Why?

2. Which activities make you happy? Why?

3. Would you rather stay healthy or be happy?


B. Listen and Answer

Listen to someone sharing different ways on how to stay healthy. Answer the following questions based on the text you listened to.

1. In what situation is the text most likely used?

2. Where would you usually ind this text?

3. Who will most likely read the text?

4. Which of the following activities are suggested?

Draw the picture of the activity that you think was mentioned in the text but not represented by the pictures shown above.


C. Take a Survey

Sit in small groups. Ask your classmates in the group how many times they do the following activities:

D. Share and Compare

Compare the information. Are there any other activities that are popular among your classmates that have not been mentioned in the list of activities?


E. Take Notes

Did you learn new words from the text? Add them to your Vocabulary Box.


Task 2

A. Listen and Answer

Listen to a conversation of two classmates talking about healthy activities that one of them has decided to do. Answer the questions based on the conversation.

1. Who are they?

2. What has made Rindi surprised?

3. What made Bahar see his doctor?

4. What has Bahar done to live healthier?


B. Listen and Complete

Listen to the audio recording again and complete the following information in the table. More than one answer is possible.

C. Discuss and Share

Discuss the answer to the following questions with a partner, then share it with the class

1. What would you do if you were in the same situation as Bahar?

2. Do you think the efforts Bahar has done will help him? Why/ Why not.


Task 3

A. Read and Decide

Study the two infographics on mental and physical health below.

Decide if the statements are true or false according to the infographics

B. Let’s Complete It

Complete the following sentences with ONE word from the infographics.

1. In order to lose weight, you need to avoid a sedentary lifestyle and begin to …………………… around.

2. Make sure you have enough gap between your dinner and your …………………….

3. Talking about your problem may help you with mental health only if you …………………… the person you talk to.

4. You need to convince …………………… that despite all the problems, by the end of the day everything is going to be ine.

5. You need to consume …………………… the irst thing in the morning.


C. Discuss and Decide

Now discuss in your groups the answers to the following questions.

1. Which of the tips from the mental health infographic that you have done? How was the effect?

2. Which of the tips from the mental health infographic that you want to try? Why?

3. Have you tried any weight loss habits mentioned in the infographic? Which one/s?

4. Do you have other tips for weight loss?

5. Why do you think people feel the need to lose weight?


Task 4

A. Let’s Play

We are going to play Self-care Bingo. Self­care means to practice things including hygiene, nutrition, etc. to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. Here are the steps:

1.       Have a blank bingo card. You may draw or your teacher may provide it for you.

2.       See the list of self­care activities, write the ones you like to do for self­care on the tiles of your bingo card.

3.       Your teacher will mention selfcare activities from the list one by one randomly.

4.       Search and mark the activities you have written on your Bingo card.

5.       The winner is someone who can ill in a row (vertically, horizontally, or diagonally). 6. You can yell, BINGO! Once you marked one row completely.


B. Let’s Discuss

How do you think the game help you understand the importance of self­care to maintain your health both mentally and physically?


Task 5

A .Let’s Have a Group

Discussion When you have done enough self­care, it is believed that you will be able to care for others. Let’s play the following game to see how well you can help others to cope with the situation they are faced with by giving them sound suggestions.


1. Form small groups.

2. Take turns spinning a pen on the game board.

3. Read the situation that the pen points at.

4. Give a suggestion of what to do in that situation.

B. Let’s Share

Everyone needs to make time to care for their own needs daily, so she/he has the strength and ability to care for others. From the game you have played, talk to your classmate whether you think you are the one who needs more advice or the one who can give advice?


Task 6

A. Read and Think Study the following writing prompt.

B. Draft a Text

Based on the writing prompt or health problems faced by students in general, create your own tips on how to maintain physical or mental health as students. Talk about what aspect of health you would like to write about, what you will need to do to maintain the health, the steps you will use to explain your tips, and how you think your tips will be concluded. When you have inished sharing with a partner, write your ideas on this organizer to help you plan your tips.

Task 7

A. Write the Text

Write a simple procedure text of how to maintain health based on the draft you have prepared.


B. Do a Review

Work in pairs to do peer review. Check your own writing by ticking the list below. Then ask your classmate to check your writing.

C. Publish Your Writing

Make the necessary changes in your writing based on your classmates’ review and teacher’s suggestions. You can write your text in the form of an infographic and publish it to the media of your choice.



Please relect on the chapter. Write your relection in the box.

The following questions are your guide.

1. What stuck with you the most about tasks in this chapter?

2. What are the top three things you learned?

3. What are 5 keywords that are important about this topic?


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