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Kherysuryawan.id – Rangkuman Materi Bahasa Inggris Chapter 2 Sports Events Kelas 10 SMA/SMK Kurikulum Merdeka Semester 1 Theme: Sports

Halo sahabat kherysuryawan, pada kesempatan kali ini admin akan menyajikan materi pelajaran kurikulum merdeka khususnya pada mata pelajaran Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA/SMK/MA tepatnya pada pembahasan materi Bab 2 tentang “Sports Events”


Materi yang akan admin sajikan disini merupakan materi hasil ringkasan yang selanjutnya di rangkum dengan tujuan agar dapat memudahkan siswa-siswi yang akan menggunakannya sebagai bahan belajar. Di dalam ringkasan Materi Bahasa Inggris Chapter 2 Sports Events Kelas 10 SMA/SMK Kurikulum Merdeka Semester 1 ini juga telah di lengkapi dengan urutan tugas yang harus di kerjakan oleh siswa agar bisa memahami materi dengan baik.


Seluruh ringkasan/rangkuman materi Bahasa Inggris Chapter 2 Sports Events Kelas 10 SMA/SMK Kurikulum Merdeka Semester 1 yang akan di sajikan di artikel ini semuanya bersumber dari buku siswa Bahasa inggris kurikulum merdeka kelas 10 SMA/SMK/MA yang telah di jadikan sebagai buku teks pelajaran bagi siswa pada pembelajaran kurikulum merdeka.


Baiklah untuk anda yang ingin melihat sajian Materi Bahasa Inggris Chapter 2 Sports Events Kelas 10 SMA/SMK Kurikulum Merdeka Semester 1, maka silahkan simak materi lengkapnya di bawah ini;


Chapter 2 Sports Events

Instructional Objectives

1.       After learning the materials in this chapter you are expected to be able to: identify context, main ideas and detailed information from an oral and verbal recount text presented in multimodal form about sports event.

2.       communicate simple ideas and opinions in various discussions, collaborative activities and presentations orally to tell about a sports event.

3.       write a recount text about a sports event with an appropriate structure of organization and linguistic features and present it.


Personal recount text is one type of recount text in addition to factual, autobiographical, biographical, literary, and historical recount. It retells the writer’s past experiences with the aim to either inform or to entertain the audience. It often consists of orientation, series of events, and reorientation.


Questions to Think About

1. What is the effect of watching sports games on your health?

2. How can you say if someone is a loyal fan of a team or a player?


Task 1

A. Look and Answer

Look at the pictures and answer the questions.

1. What do you see in the picture? Tell the class.

2. How can you tell if someone is a loyal fan of a team or a player?

3. Which activity do you prefer? Why?


B. Take Notes

Write the words you learn from the question and answer session in the Vocabulary Box.


C. Discuss and Decide

How did it feel to watch a sports event? Some people enjoy watching sports games live or through the screen. In groups of three, rank the following list based on what you think are the most important etiquette to be a good spectator. Explain the result to the class.

Task 2

A. Listen and Discuss

Listen to Agam talking about his experience of watching a sport event and answer the following questions:

1. What did the speaker tell you?

2. How does he feel about watching a live football match?

3. Where did he watch the match?

4. How many people were there in the stadium?

5. "While the match was exciting nonetheless, I kept on chewing the hotdog I bought earlier. It was a bit chewy, but it was smooth and tasted really good." What does the word 'it' refer to?


B. Listen and Find out

Listen again to the audio recording then ind out what Agam is experiencing during the match. In small groups, ill in the following categories of senses with appropriate words that describe Agam’s experience of the sports event. Share your results with the class.

Task 3

A. Read and Rearrange

Andi is writing about his experience of watching a football match. In pairs, rearrange the paragraphs into a meaningful text. Discuss your results with the class.

B. Guess the Meaning

Without using a dictionary, guess the meaning of these words/ phrases from the text using context clues. Share with the class how you get to your answer.

C .Take Notes

Did you learn new words from the text? Add them to your Vocabulary Box.


D. Discuss and Answer

1.       Are there any parts of the writer’s experience in watching the game that are similar to yours?

2.       Why do you think the writer stated that the winner was unpredictable?

3.       Could you feel the same excitement of watching the game by just reading the text?

4.       How do you think the writer’s can help you to do active reading using your ive senses?


Task 4

Let’s Play

Sit in small groups. Your teacher will give you sense­cards. Put the cards face­down. Imagine you watch the sports game in the picture. Take turns telling your imagined experience watching the sports game. Use the sense card you get as a guide.

Task 5

A. Think and Take

Notes Think about the last sports event you watched. Write a short note about the situation using the following questions to guide you. ­

·         What sports event did you go to/watch? ­

·         When was it? ­

·         Where did you watch it? ­

·         Who did you watch it with? ­

·         What do you think about the spectators and the game?


B. Let’s Share

Talk about your experience to your partner without looking at your notes. When you have inished sharing your experience to your partner, ind another partner and talk about your experience again. Follow this until you have talked to 5 or more people in your class. Talk about your experience again. Change your partner again to do the same activity.

Task 6

Think and Plan

Take your notes from the previous activity. You are going to tell the sports event by providing details about the event.

Complete the table below by answering the questions that will help you with. Fill in the table with a sports event that will help with your writing task later.


Task 7

A. Let’s Write

Based on the information you have written in the table above, write a description of the sports event you attended or watched. Use the notes you have written to tell the event.


B. Do a Peer Review

Check your own writing by ticking the list below. Then ask your classmate to check your writing.


C. Publish Your Writing

Make the necessary changes in your writing based on the checklist. Turn in your work for a inal review by your teacher. You can publish your writing in the media of your choice.


Tips: Be careful when you use social media, please remain respectful and mindful with what you say and share.



Please relect on the chapter. Write your relection in the box. The following questions are your guide.

1. Things I learned from this chapter.

2. Things I want to learn more about.

3. Questions I have.


Demikianlah ringkasan/rangkuman materi Bahasa inggris kelas X SMA/SMK Kurikulum Merdeka Bab 2 tentang “Sports Events” yang dapat admin bagikan di kesempatan kali ini. Semoga materi yang telah di sajikan diatas dapat membantu siswa dan guru yang akan menggunakannya sebagai sumber atau bahan belajar di rumah maupun di sekolah.

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