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Adapun yang akan di bahas pada materi Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA/SMK Bab 1 tentang “ Great Athletes” kurikulum merdeka ini yaitu sebagai berikut :

1.       Instructional Objectives

2.       Questions to Think About

3.       Chapter Review


Untuk lebih lengkap tentang materi Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA/SMK Bab 1 tentang “ Great Athletes” maka berikut ini sajian ringkasan materinya yang telah di susun secara lengkap di bawah ini:

Chapter 1 Great Athletes

After learning the materials in this chapter you are expected to be able to:

1.       identify context, main ideas and detailed information from an oral and verbal descriptive text presented in multimodal form about great athletes.

2.       communicate simple ideas and opinions in various discussions, collaborative activities, and presentations orally to describe great athletes.

3.       write a descriptive text about an athlete with an appropriate structure of organization and linguistic features and present it

Descriptive text is a text that explains and describes a person, place, or thing. It uses adjectives and adverbs. It aims to describe a person, place or thing. It consists of the identiication of a person, place or thing and their description.


Questions to Think About

1. Who do you think is a great athlete?

2. Do you believe that sports shape your virtues? Why?


Task 1

A. Look and Discuss

Guess Who!


B. Let’s Play

We are going to play a game. Here are the steps:

1.       Sit in small groups.

2.       One student thinks of one famous athlete.

3.       The other members of the group take turns asking closed ended questions.

4.       Keep asking until someone guesses the name of the athlete correctly.

5.       Have another round with a different student thinking of a different athlete.


C. Let’s Write

As a group, write the traits of the athlete that were mentioned in the game. Add those traits to the Vocabulary Box.


D. Discuss and

Share Some people excel at playing certain sports so that they become great athletes. What does it take to be a great athlete? In small groups, rank the following list based on what you think are the most important qualities of someone who excel at sports. Share your group’s opinion with the class.


Task 2

A. Listen and Check

Listen to an audio recording of a great athlete. Decide whether these statements are true or false.

B. Listen and Discuss

Listen to the audio recording again and discuss the following questions in small groups. Share your answers with the class. 1. How did the speaker start the description? 2. What are the things the speaker described? 3. How did the speaker end the description? 4. What is the main idea of the text?


C. Listen and Circle

Circle the words you hear.

D. Let’s Practice

Sit in pairs. Your teacher will give your partner a picture of a person. Without looking at the picture, draw in the box the person your classmate is describing. Show the result to your classmate. How is it?


E Use Your Words

Research about your favorite athlete. Write your description about the athlete by completing the following sentences. You can use the words from your Vocabulary Box in Task 1.

1. __________________ or as we usually call (him/her) as __________ is my favorite ________________.

2. He/She was born in __________________ on ___________________.

3. ___________________ has a/an ____________ body with the height of __________________ centimeters and weight ___________ kilogram.

4. His/Her skin color is ___________ with a _____________ face and ______________ smile.

5. He/She has ___________ eyes and the color is ____________


Task 3

A. Look and Discuss

Look at the following picture.

Let’s learn a little bit more about him. In groups of three, discuss and write things about Cristiano Ronaldo that you already know.


B. Let’s Read

Read the following text and answer the questions based on the text.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo has very strong determination. He used to train very hard since his childhood. He knew that a footballer requires good stamina because a football match requires a player to run at least 10 kilometers in a single match. Sometimes, he even trained himself continuously from morning until evening. He also challenged himself by playing along with older players.

                He becomes so skillful and conident that his opponents cannot igure out how to stop Ronaldo from making a goal. Normal football players will use their single leg of their dominant side body, i.e. players of right­handed or left­handed use their respective legs to score goals but Ronaldo can easily use both of his legs eiciently to make goals. In addition to that, he can use his head to score goals as well.

                He is also one of the fastest football players in football history. Ronaldo can run very fast, he can run with a speed of 33.6 kilometers per hour. That is why he is also known as a rocket man. This helps Ronaldo to do his famous free­kick. Ronaldo's free­kick speed is approximately 130 kilometers per hour.

                While jumping, Ronaldo's G-force is ive times higher than that of a cheetah. He can jump up to 78 cm in the air; this jumping height is much more compared to any basketball player. All of these have helped him achieve his success. In his young age, he has won many trophies and broken records including winning the prestigious FIFA Ballon d’Or award ive times and created a world record by scoring the most goals in international football in September 2021. Currently his net worth is around $500 million and this makes him one of the richest athletes.


1.       What is the main idea of the text?

2.       What makes Cristiano Ronaldo different from other players in scoring a goal?

3.       How did he get known as a rocket man?

4.       How does the text organized its idea about Ronaldo?

5.       “Ronaldo’s G-force is ive times higher than that of a cheetah.” What can you infer from the sentence above?

6.       What is the function of the picture in relation to the verbal text?


C. Read and Discover

This time, focus on what is discussed in each paragraph. Match the topics about Cristiano Ronaldo below with the information from each paragraph in the text. Compare your answer with your friends' answer. Tell each other how you ind the information in correct paragraph.

D. Take Notes

Did you learn new words from the text? Add them to your Vocabulary Box in Task 1.

E. Let’s Dig Deeper

When you read a biography article of a famous person, you will likely ind that the article includes pictures of the person, like Cristiano Ronaldo’s picture that you see before you start reading. Think about these questions and discuss them in pairs.

·         ­What do you notice irst from the picture?

·         What does the picture tell you?

·         How does the picture relate to the written text?

·         What happens with the message of the text if the picture is deleted?


Task 4

A .Let’s Play

Move around the class and ask questions to ind someone who …. Your teacher will give you an example. Write the names on each box. Ask as well the reasons using questions words ‘why/how’.

B. Share the Result

Share the indings from this activity. Which athlete is the most popular? Which athlete is the least popular? Why is that? Explain your answer.


Task 5

A. Listen and Take Notes

Listen to the description of Cristiano Ronaldo. Which side of him does the speaker talk about this time? Complete the text using the words from the box.

He is very kind and (1) __________________________. I found on the internet that his (2) __________________________ is probably A negative. Sometimes he (3) __________________________ his blood to the blood bank so that people who need the same blood type as him will be able to use it.

                It is not the only good thing that I like about him. He is very (4) __________________ and loves to maintain his health by not smoking. He does not like to drink alcoholic drinks and also there is no tattoo on his body as well. He believes that a tattoo will not be good for the blood that he donates to the blood bank.

                Ronaldo is also very (5) __________________ which makes him a philanthropist. He donates billions of dollars to the poor and (6) __________________ people across the world.

                As a sports celebrity he remains (7) __________________. Ronaldo treats his fans in a very courteous way. Once, a person in the audience was injured in the face by the football kicked by Ronaldo. Right after the match, Ronaldo (8) __________________ personally and gave him his jersey.


B .Use Your Words

Go back to the athlete that you have chosen for Task 2 Activity E. Think about the virtues or values that make him great or special. Is he/she generous, skillful, or shows other qualities? Use the following format to help you state the reason.


I like/admire/adore _____________________________ because he/she _____________________________________________________. _______________________________________ inspires me because he/she is ___________________________________________________. For example, he/she _______________________________________.


C. Let’s Practice

Think about the athlete you choose from the previous task or other athletes if you want. Take notes on their physical features (such as hairstyles, height, skin tones), personalities and other information such as where he/she is from. Take notes also on how he/she has inspired you.


D. Let’s Describe

Work in pairs. Take turns to describe the athlete to your partner using the information from your notes. Ask your classmate questions about the athlete.


Task 6

Think and Plan

You are going to write a description of your favorite athlete that you have chosen in the previous tasks. Fill in the table with information about the athlete to help you write a description of him/her later. An example has been provided. You can add more columns if you think it is necessary.

Task 7

A. Let’s Write

Write a description of your favorite athlete based on the data in the table above.


B. Do a Peer

Review Exchange your writing draft with your classmate. Check your classmate’s writing using the following checklist. Place a tick mark once you have completed the checking of each aspect.



Please relect on the chapter. Write your relection in the box. The following questions are your guide.

1. How did you feel about this chapter?

2. Name three things you learned.

3. Do you have a question about this chapter?


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