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Seperti kita ketahui bahwa di semester 1 khusus untuk mata pelajaran Bahasa inggris ada 4 bab yang akan di pelajari dan semunya telah admin bagikan melalui website kherysuryawan ini. Untuk melengkapi bab-bab sebelumnya maka di postingan ini admin akan memberikan sajian materi Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA/SMK/MA materi bab 4 “Healthy Foods”.


Ringkasan/rangkuman Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA/SMK/MA materi bab 4 “Healthy Foods” semester 1 ini merupakan kumpulan materi yang admin ambil dari buku siswa Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA/SMK/MA kurikulum merdeka. Bagi anda yang sudah menggunakan kurikulum merdeka di sekolahnya maka bisa menggunakan ringkasan materi mapel Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA/SMK/MA materi bab 4 “Healthy Foods” ini sebagai salah satu bahan dan sumber belajar.


Baiklah untuk lebih lengkap tentang ringkasan materi Bahasa inggris kelas 1o kurikulum merdeka materi bab 4 “Healthy Foods” maka silahkan di lihat sajian materinya di bawah ini:


Chapter 4 Healthy Foods

Instructional Objectives

After learning the materials in this chapter you are expected to be able to:

1.       identify context, main ideas and detailed information from an oral and verbal procedure text presented in multimodal form about healthy foods.

2.       communicate simple ideas and opinions in various discussions, collaborative activities and presentations orally about healthy foods.

3.       write a procedure text about healthy foods with an appropriate structure of organization and linguistic features and present it.


A procedure text is a text that gives instructions for doing a particular activity. It can also serve to explain how something works. It aims to give instruction or to explain how something can be done. It uses imperative and consists of goal or purpose, may or may nor contain materials, and steps.


Questions to Think About

1. What kind of food do you consume regularly? Why did you choose it?

2. How do you choose the food you are consuming?

3. How does the food you consume impact your health?


Task 1

A .Look and Share

Loot at the pictures. Discuss which are healthy and less healthy foods and drinks.

B. Listen and Answer

Listen to the dialogue and answer the questions based on the dialogue below.

1. What are the speakers talking about?

2. How does Samsidar feel about Niken knowing the right food to eat?

3. What will Samsidar most likely do?

4. What does Niken suggest Samsidar should do? 5. Why should caffeine be avoided?


C. Take Notes

Write important words and expressions you have listened to from the dialogue in your Vocabulary Box.


Task 2

Listen and Find out

Listen to the recording again. Match the statements with the parts of the text.

Task 3

A .Let’s Read

Simple Tips for Healthy Eating

All of us know about the beneits of eating healthier. Proper nutrition helps us prevent cancer, heart disease, and other serious ailments. It allows us to lose weight and keep the pounds off. Eating healthier also helps to enhance our mood substantially and increases our chances of living longer and enjoying well being while we are alive. I wanted to simplify the rules for eating healthier and make it simple for those who are interested in improving the way they eat. So what are these tips?


1. Eat Real Food, Not Processed Food

It is best to eat foods in their natural state. Forget foods that are processed in a factory. Some examples of processed foods are convenience snack (potato chips, baked crisps, etc.), white bread (bread is not supposed to be white in color), cereals, canned vegetables, canned meats, canned fruit, granola bars, candy bars, white sugar, bleached lour, beef jerky, soda, sports drinks, margarine (it is hydrogenated in a factory), packaged cookies, frozen dinners, processed meats like hot dogs, canned soups, fruit juices, ketchup, etc. Processed foods have been greatly modiied and contain a lot of ingredients that do not exist in the food naturally.


2. Eat a Variety of Different Foods

Each type of food ingredient that exists in nature has its nutritional makeup. When we eat different types of foods, we are more likely to get all the nutrients we need in order to be healthy.


3. Cook More Than Eating Out

One of the best ways to eat healthier is to cook your own food. Besides saving a lot of money, you will also be able to control what goes into your food. You will not be using chemicals and other unhealthy additives.


4. Stop Eating Before You are Full

Instead of eating until you are completely full, stop eating before you feel completely satiated. It is OK (and healthy) to stop eating while you still have some room in your stomach. And do not forget, it takes a while for your stomach to send the message to your brain that you are full and have had enough to eat.


5. Eat at The Dining Table, Not in Your Car or at Your Desk

Always try to eat at a proper dining table. Never eat in your car or at your desk. When you make a point to sit down at a table and focus on your meal, you will be less likely to eat unconsciously. And food that is served to you through a window is almost never healthy. Following this rule also reduces the chances of eating when you are bored.


6. Drink Water and Forget Everything Else

Water is the healthiest drink on the planet, period. Sodas, energy, and lavored drinks are the most unhealthy and they should be avoided at all costs. If you want to have a lavored drink, make lemonade using fresh lemons, or drink tea, or water lavored with fresh fruit and vegetables.


So there you have it: you can eat much healthier simply by following the 6 tips listed above.


B. Let’s Match

Look at the following statements (Questions 1­5) and the list of tips. Match each statement with the correct tips, A­F based on the reading text.


1. It takes time for the brain to get the information that you have eaten enough. (.....)

2. You need to focus and ind a proper place to eat. (.....)

3. Cook your own meal for healthier and cheaper options. (.....)

4. Food is best when they are not over­processed. (.....)

5. More variation means more nutrients in your food. (.....)


Tips of Healthy Eating

A. Eat real food, not processed food.

B. Eat a variety of different foods.

C. Cook more than eating out.

D. Stop eating before you are full.

E. Eat at the dining table, not in your car or at your desk.

F. Drink water and forget everything else.


C. Let’s Answer

Answer the questions based on the information you get from the text.

1.       Who will ind the information in the text useful?

2.       In what kind of reading section will you likely ind this type of text?

3.       In Rule number 5, “Eat at the Dining Table, Not in Your Car or at Your Desk,” the word ‘this’ in the sentence ‘Following this rule also reduces the chances of eating when you are bored,’ refers to ....

4.       “Stop Eating Before You Are Full,” the word ‘satiated’ in the sentence ‘...stop eating before you feel completely satiated,’ can be best replaced by what word?

5.       Which tip/s that is easiest for you to follow? Why?


Task 4

A. Let’s Play

We are going to play THIS OR THAT. You need to choose between two options. Ask around the questions related to food preference. You may add more choices to the list.

B. Let’s Share

After you have made note of the result of the interview, share it with your classmates.


Task 5

Let’s Talk About it

Here are the Dos and Don’ts to healthy eating. Talk with a partner about the activities you do for your own healthy eating habit based on the information on the table.

Task 6

Draft a Text

Complete the table below to make a draft of procedure text about how to eat healthily to maintain your health. You can use the ideas you shared in the previous task.

Task 7

A. Write and Check

Write a simple procedure text on how to eat healthily to maintain your health based on the draft you have prepared.


B. Do a Review

Work in pairs to do peer review. Check your own writing by ticking the list below. Then ask your classmate to check your writing.

C. Publish Your Writing

Make the necessary changes in your writing based on your classmates’ and teacher’s suggestions.

You can publish your writing in the media of your choice.



Please relect on the chapter. Write your relection in the box. The following questions are your guide.

1. How did you feel about this chapter?

2. List three things that you learned

3. What did you ind the most interesting?

4. What do you want to learn more about?


Demikianlah ringkasan atau rangkuman materi Bahasa inggris kelas 10 SMA/SMK/MA materi bab 4 “Healthy Foods” yang dapat admin sampaikan dan bagikan melalui tulisan ini. Tujuan admin membagikan sajian materi ini adalah untuk membantu siswa dan guru yang akan belajar Bahasa inggris di kelas 10 SMA/SMK/MA. Semoga ringkasan materi Bahasa inggris kelas 10 Bab 4 semester 1 kurikulum merdeka ini bisa bermanfaat buat anda yang membutuhkannya.

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